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No water, no vote, this is the message of Chambal ki Chitthi

2023:‘Chambal ki Chithi’, a documentary featuring the water crisis in Rajasthan and emphasizing the importance of Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) for people living in the region, was officially launched at Entertainment Paradise of Jaipur on 3 May 2023. What made the occasion even more special was that the documentary with utmost social value was launched by Dr Rajendra Singh, popularly known as “Jal Purush, Waterman of India”. Dr Singh is a renowned river rejuvenator, an eminent environmentalist and the recipient of several national and international accolades.

“The documentary, Chambal ki Chitthi, holds special relevance in the sense that it is getting released at a time when we as a community need to focus on one of most pressing issues that we are facing – water crisis. I am optimistic that the documentary will spread maximum awareness among people and will inspire us to ensure enough water structures across the country to meet the basic needs of every individual in the society. Water ethics, justice and world peace are the primary pillars to build a prosperous society and the basic tools to combat climate change. The documentary is a demonstration for the need for water security in every region for a sustainable growth and a healthy future,” said Dr Rajendra Singh.

The launch of the unique documentary was also graced by popular Bollywood actress Yuvika Chaudhary. “Releasing a documentary of such social value is a major initiative towards ensuring water security across all regions. I am grateful to be part of the launch of such a big social initiative, which can significantly transform the lives of many,” noted Ms Chaudhary.

Chambal ki Chitthi is the brainchild of eminent social activist Ramniwas Meena, who has been working over the years to address social problems and development of backward sections of the society in Rajasthan. He is actively being a key part of the service work in Todabhim assembly constituency for the convenience and cooperation of the common people. For various public service works being done in Todabhim assembly constituency of Karauli district, Mr Meena has been recognized as Bhamashah and Pani Wale Baba in the area.

Mr Meena has been the inspiration to several youth who work with him to foster major societal changes like ensuring drinking water to 45 thousand people, campaign to free Karauli district from Cataract, arrangement of basic facilities for education in government schools, anicut construction done for irrigation and drinking water, construction of roads in villages, monthly pension of 2 thousand rupees every month to more than 250 handicapped people, library for students, housing for the poorest families, financial support for Kanyadaan to the needy, organizing sports competitions to promote rural talents, gaushala and park construction work, temple construction at more than 20 places and support to various religious events.

Mr Meena has been seamlessly working at the grass root level as an activist to make sure that the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) becomes a national project. Under ERCP, the surplus water in the sub-basins of Kunnu, Kul, Parvati, Kalisindh and Mej rivers received during monsoon has to be carried to the sub-basin of Banas, Morel, Banganga, Gambhir and Parbati rivers.

“Chambal ki Chitthi is a representation of the water crisis in the region and how a smooth implantation of the ERCP project can be a significant game-changer in addressing the issue. I am immensely delighted that a documentary with such social value has been launched by the “Jal Purush, Waterman of India” Dr Rajendra Singh. I hope more and more people get aware of the water crisis through the documentary and come together to bring in major societal changes,” noted Ramniwas Meena.

The iconic documentary ‘Chambal ki Chitthi’ has been created with the direction and vision of Renu Negi, a Director who is known for her remarkable skill in making movies and documentaries of high societal values. “Chambal ki Chitthi was indeed a documentary that is close to my heart and through the making I have learned a lot about the water crisis in the region and why we need to put a renewed focus in addressing the issue. I sincerely hope that through this documentary we come together to ensure water security for all and may the government make ERCP a national project to make sure every human being has an adequate access to water,” said Ms Negi.